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Few facilities in the Midwest can match the flexibility and suitability of the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO for hosting livestock and small animal shows, sales and auctions.

With over 15 buildings of every size and function available for rent, the Missouri State Fairgrounds stands ready to meet your event needs. Our outstanding facilities for showing animals include the Mathewson Exhibition Center, Coliseum, MFA Youth Livestock Arena, and Donnelly Arena. Meanwhile, the Cattle Barns, Sheep Pavilion, Swine Pavilion, and Poultry and Rabbit Buildings all provide top-notch shelter for livestock during the event.

But the list of available Fairgrounds facilities doesn’t end there. More than a dozen other buildings provide the flexibility to meet your event’s unique requirements. All facilities have excellent access, with paved parking throughout the Fairgrounds. And, the wide range of lodging options available to you and your show visitors includes award-winning and historic nearby hotels as well as top-notch camping facilities with utilities right here on the Fairgrounds.

Buildings & Facilities

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Regional Hub
Sedalia’s reputation as an easy-to-access regional commerce destination allows shows and sales hosted at the Fairgrounds to draw from a wide geography across the state.

Outstanding Facilities
With 15 buildings ranging in size from 4,000 to 20,000 square feet of space, the Missouri State Fairgrounds has more than enough room to handle your show or sale. Access to the facilities is excellent, with easy parking and vehicle access. And, a wide range of lodging options are available to you and your visitors, from award-winning and historic hotels to top-notch camping facilities with utilities right here on the Fairgrounds.

Individual Attention
We pay attention to detail, coordinating closely with event planners to ensure that everything goes to plan. Every event hosted on the Missouri State Fairgrounds has its own special circumstances and needs, and each typically requires varying levels of customization.

Repeat Success
You’re doing things right when your customers keep returning, and with some of the best sale facilities in Missouri, the Missouri State Fairgrounds sees many events return year after year.

Event Rental Forms
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Contact Us to Learn More
As you search for the best place to hold your next show or sale, we hope you’ll consider the Missouri State Fairgrounds in West-Central Missouri. Outstanding and historic buildings, personal attention, an ideal location, and rental fees that won’t break your budget all combine to make the Missouri State Fairgrounds the perfect host for your next show, whether you’re selling antiques or industrial tools.

Contact Courtney Fry, Events Manager, at 800-422-3247 or
660-530-5604, or to see how we can enhance the success of your event.